It just keeps getting more and more exciting over here on the Gowanus, especially now that we are set to assemble the floating wetland we’ve been jabbering about for a few months now. Click the link below to view part of the original design for the structure. The wetland will be multifunctional; it will act as a canal restoration device, a walkway, and a platform from which the oars will be positioned when the boat is ready to be mobilized!!
The design for the wetland’s physical structure is being put together by our friends Stephan von Muehlen and Ben Cohen of Mare Liberum (  They are some of Gowanus’s oldest and most brilliant do-it-yourself scrap-dog-flotation device masters with a whole array of boats and floats under their collective belt.  The concept behind this original design is a modular cell capable of fulfilling multiple functions (restoration device, walkway, mobility platform), while also being detachable and reconfigurable in multiple formations (Need a pier along or across the canal? Need a floating stage? Need a swimming dock?).  The design has gone through a few evolutions since its inception and the finalized structure  is scheduled to be built onto the boat in the next few weeks. Will it float? Will it move? Stay tuned…

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