So the wastewater system on the boat goes like this: rainwater falls on the roof and is diverted to an indoor cistern. From there it is purified, pumped, and used for domestic use (drinking, cleaning, cooking, etc). This use renders it dirty again (a.k.a. greywater) so it is then sent from the sink to our constructed wetland to be remediated. The constructed wetland (pictured below) cleans the water and discharges it to a mini aquaculture system, where it is fertilized by fish manure before being sent out to irrigate the living wall. We tried to make the water carry out as many uses as possible once we’ve brought it inside, and assuming the living wall can keep up with the irrigation its a zero discharge system! Important considering that rainwater and wastewater both contribute to the Combined Sewage Overflows that send raw sewage floating past our doorstep in rainstorms. Here’s a picture
Our constructed wetland was made with salvaged materials. Each pickle bucket hosts a different micro-ecosystem that acts and reacts to the wastewater differently; its a biological filter. More to come on how this thing actually works, but for now wanted to get a picture up!

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