picture by maria sputnik http://www.mariasputnik.com

maiden voyage of

Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum

Surrounded in a constructed wetland and powered by vikings, ‘Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum’ is a salvaged houseboat that has been transformed into a laboratory and showspace for do-it-yourself sustainability projects.

From its parabolic solar tea maker (created from broken mirrors and a dumpstered satellite dish) to its living machine (made out of pickle buckets, wetland plants and pvc), this rough and ready design collective marries do-it-yourself garage engineering with sustainable design principles.

On October 2, 2010, join Green Homes NYC, the Sustainability Street Fair and the crew of Jerko The Gowanus Water Vacuum as they set out on a maiden voyagethrough New York’s most legendary canal.

Come early to pre-register for limited on-board tours, experience the Gowanus Canal’s first home-made boat convergence, attend the Sustainability Street Fair and listen to the brass madness of The Rude Mechanical Orchestra. Come late to see an empty canal.

When: Saturday October 2nd, 2010.                                                          1:30pm:         The fleet arrives/christening celebration and pre-registration (first come first serve basis) for an on-board tour

3-5pm:  Jerko onboard tours                                                                                10am-6pm:    Green Homes NYC’s Sustainability Street Fair at 3rd St b/w Bond and Hoyt  www.greenhomenyc.org/thenewnewyork

Where: Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum:              2nd St b/w Bond and the Canal

Green Homes NYC Sustaibility Street Fair:        3rd St b/w Bond and Hoyt email expeditiongowanus@gmail.com for more information