Well its been a long time since we’ve posted anything. We have been totally hectic and crazy, and only just now are we getting around to compiling the more significant moments into internet friendly form to share with you all. Lots of catching up to do!

Among these exciting moments was our visit from two different school groups this spring. The first group was a Rebecca Bogers  class ‘Problems and Issues in Urban Environments’ from Brooklyn College.

The class was studying sustainable cities and ways to work within ecosystem processes to lessen  harmful human impacts. They were parcitularly intersted in urbanization’s effect on the hydro cycle, watersheds, combined sewage overflows (CSOs), water treatment, etc.  We were the first stop on their four part Gowanus journey!

Early in the day we stopped by Jerko and talked about rainwater harvesting, wastewater management and combined sewage overflows.  We then did a tour of the ‘zero discharge wastewater system’ that we designed and installed on the boat.

From there we moved to 2nd Street to meet with Hans Hesselein of the Gowanus Canal Conservancy for a brief walking tour of the Gowanus and to hear more about the work of the GCC. The walking tour took us to the GCC’s station down at the end of  2nd Ave where the GCC is planting gardens, building bat/bird houses, experimenting with floating gardens and so much more! Here is a picture of the 2nd Ave boat landing that they installed.

Made from the old cobbles of  2nd Ave, the boat landing/garden area slows down and absorbs street runoff during rain events. In concrete covered cities, areas like this are vital to reducing combined sewage overflows (CSO’s), lessening the heat island effect, resupplying groundwater, etc.

In May we also had the pleasure of exploring (via land) the Gowanus Canal with Guerzon, (a senior at the Harbor School), his mentor  Christina Sun ( Ship Coop) and their tugboat blogging friend Will (Tugster Blog: http://tugster.wordpress.com ).  They were down at the canal while mapping the harbor You can learn more about Ship Coop at http://shipcoop.com