Thats right, early in the morning on June 10th the DOT lifted the bridges for Jerko The Gowanus Water Vacuum one last time.  Here is Phil Andrew’s song ‘My Canal’ that was part of our never released ‘Gowanus EP’. The song suits the day My Canal

We are so very sad to leave the inspiring canal, community groups and individuals who helped us while we renovated the boat in these early stages, but we are finally heading for new adventures, great projects and the unknown horizons of Far Rockaway!

Aided by a small, 2×4 wielding crew, and the amazing Captain Porter Fox, we slipped out of the canal to meet our tug.

And then off we went to our new home in Far Rockaway!

We are down here now meeting the neighbors, banging nails, slapping on fresh paint, re-orienting our solar panels, and getting ready for our sustainability residency program that will be launched in July. As far as we know ‘Off the Grid and On the Water”  is NYC’s very first ‘off grid residency program’ and we are very excited to launch it in only a few weeks!!

The residency program will provide free housing (on the boat)  in support of a local agriculture project that will be based right here in Far Rockaway! Stay tuned to hear how it all come together.

In the meantime, please contact us at to make an appointment to visit us down here at Marina 59 anytime in June. We will have a skill share/work day on June 25th and will also be unveiling our next project (hint: it involves a golden toilet, oars, and a homemade wind turbine) We will be building it right here in Marina 59!