More time building less time blogging. Heres the pics from last Saturday’s event. Thanks to Atom Cianfarani and Jack Watson for the workshops, Sharon K for the photos, and everyone who came out!                                            -SUSTAINABILITY SKILL SHARE-

explore our new base. sneak peak our new top secret project. build some crazy stuff.

We are getting ready for ‘Off the Grid and On the Water’, our urban sustainability residency program, and we want you to help! We will be BUILDING A MINI GREEN ROOF, RE-ORIENTING OUR SOLAR PANELS, ADJUSTING OUR RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM AND RE-PLANTING OUR LIVNG MACHINE. Lets admit it, we will also be sanding, applying fresh paint and moving materials. Who knows, maybe some of you will have a skill or project you want to present/share too, and there will be even more to do! Bring your experience or bring your questions.