New York City sewer systems are designed so that, when it rains, the sewers fill up with water and cause sewage to overflow into nearby waterways. Called combined sewage overflows (CSO’s), these events dump 27 billion gallons of raw sewage into NYC’s waterways each year. This super 8 mm footage is a compilation of some of the best poops ever to float past the window of a houseboat that was docked on a NYC canal. 

Green infrastructure such as rainwater harvesting systems, green roofs, guerilla gardens, urban farms and impermeable surfaces (crack open your concrete!) all work to counteract CSO’s by utilizing rainwater as a resource rather than a waste product, thus keeping it out of the gutter. Get involved:

S.W.I.M. Coalition River Keeper NYC  Bay Keeper NY/NJ The Gaia Institute  Lower East Side Ecology Center  Green Guerillas