When the Sustainability Working Group at Occupy Wall Street wanted a greywater system for OWS’s kitchen, we were pretty excited to break off a few un-used cells from Poop and Paddle to reinstall at the park. The purpose of the greywater system is to 1) raise awareness about wastewater solutions and 2) to remediate the kitchen’s water so it can be used to irrigate plants in Zucotti Park.

With a kitchen that is working 24/7 to feed the thousands of people participating in the occupation, we are still working to keep the ever-fluctating kitchen staff educated on proper use of the greywater system. Information signs describing how the system works have been installed, and talk of a Permaculture Zine that describes how to make a DIY greywater system (and possibly how to make the many more permaculture installations that are soon to be installed) is in the works.

To get involved with the Sustainability Working Group at Occupy Wall Street email owssustainability@gmail.com. Besides the greywater system, an extensive composting plan that will connect the kitchen scraps to urban gardens via bike rickshaw is being put together, permaculture workshops are happening (seed bombs, Zucottie Park Re-Designs, etc), and waste re-use/reduction plans for the occupiers are being put together. Bring your own ideas or help out with others at any of the working group meetings!