photo by Flora Lichtman

With inspirations ranging from permaculture to no-budget urban maritime adventure, Poop and Paddle is an act of ecologically engineered wizardry that utilizes 55 gallon barrels, wetland plants, a mess of radically re-plumbed PVC piping and  just a dash of raw sewage to bring you the first ever floating, self sustaining, toilet-boat. Pull the golden handle of Poop and Paddle’s marine toilet and send your feces through an onboard constructed wetlands that will turn poop to flowers right before your very eyes. Poop and Paddle will take you on a an adventure that re-examines everything you ever understood about  the concept of wastewater.

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Participate or ‘Contribute’: We will be showing Poop and Paddle at the 2011 Maker Faire and The New New York DIY Green Block Party. To help get us there, or to find us once we arrive, or to find out where else we’ll be email expeditiongowanus@gmail.com



photo by Stephan Von Muehlen

Surrounded in a floating wetland and powered by vikings  ‘Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum’ is a salvaged houseboat that has been transformed into a laboratory and showspace for do-it-yourself sustainability experiments.

No electric lines or water mains run to it. No septic lines leave it. Disconnected even from land, it still buzzes with electricity, life and creativity.

From its parabolic solar tea maker (created from broken mirrors and a dumpstered satellite dish) to its onboard constructed wetland(made out of pickle buckets, wetland plants and pvc), Jerko marries do-it-yourself garage engineering with sustainable design principles.

Jerko’s potable rain harvesting system can collect, store and process enough rainwater to fully sustain a small crew. Its solar array and battery bank provide enough electricity for computers, lights, pumps and communications equipment. A radically re-designed domestic wastewater system, living walls and basic solar thermal technologies all form the nucleus of the project; the self sustaining structure